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Molykote BR2 Plus

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Molykote BR2 Plus Molykote and Dow Corning Lubricants, Silicon Adhesives and Sealants

Molykote BR2 Plus can be used wherever grease lubrication is normally applied; multi-purpose as well as extreme pressure applications.

Molykote BR2 Plus consists of solid lubricants, mineral oil, lithium soap, and an EP additive. It is used for metal to metal applications that have medium to high loads and slow to fast movements. It is recommended for ball and socket joints, threaded spindles, sliding guides, and roller bearings. It provides protection against oxidation, scaring, corrosion, and water washout.

High load carrying capacity
Suitable for long-term lubrication
Good oxidation resistance
Emergency running properties, i.e. in the case of mixed friction providing of wear protection by solid lubricants and EP additives
Good protection against scaring (false Brinelling)
Good water washout resistance
Good corrosion protection
Good protection against fretting corrosion

Mineral oil
Lithium soap
Solid lubricants
EP additive
Corrosion inhibitor

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