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Reflex & Transparent Gauge Glass

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Reflex & Transparent Gauge Glass Sight Glass

Commonly used in level gauges, Gauge Glasses are made from toughened borosilicate glass. They have excellent resistance to chemicals and thermal shock. 

DIN7081 standard in reflex and transparent type. Supplied with compressed non asbestos gasket and graphite gasket.

Common sizes:

115mm x 30mm x 17mm = A1
140mm x 30mm x 17mm = A2
165mm x 30mm x 17mm = A3
190mm x 30mm x 17mm = A4
220mm x 30mm x 17mm = A5
250mm x 30mm x 17mm = A6
280mm x 30mm x 17mm = A7
320mm x 30mm x 17mm = A8
340mm x 30mm x 17mm = A9
370mm x 30mm x 17mm = A10
400mm x 30mm x 17mm = A11

115mm x 34mm x 17mm = B1
140mm x 34mm x 17mm = B2
165mm x 34mm x 17mm = B3
190mm x 34mm x 17mm = B4
220mm x 34mm x 17mm = B5
250mm x 34mm x 17mm = B6
280mm x 34mm x 17mm = B7
320mm x 34mm x 17mm = B8
340mm x 34mm x 17mm = B9
370mm x 34mm x 17mm = B10
400mm x 34mm x 17mm = B11

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