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PTFE Joint Sealant

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PTFE Joint Sealant  PTFE PVDF Products

PTFE Joint Sealant
PTFE Self  Adhesive Tape

-100% Virgin, expanded PTFE, Soft, Flexible
-Chemical resistance tagainst all chemicals from pH 0-14  exceptmolten alkali metals and elemental fluorine at high temperature and pressure
-Does not age-weather proof-UV resistant
-Efficient sealant for rough or damaged sealing surfaces
-Reduced downtime - essy to install
-Universal application in nearly all kinds of industry
-Temperature range -240 degree Celsius up tp +270 degree Celsius. For short periods up to +310 degree Celsius
-Physiologically harmless under temperatures up to +260 degree Celsius, fulfills FDA requirements for use in contact with food

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