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Taman Iskandar,
80050 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.


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Stromag Z Brand Name

We supply the below Stromag products in Malaysia:

Stromag Brakes - Eddy Current Brake, Multi Disc Brake, Spring Applied Brake
Stromag Clutches - Multi Disc Clutch, Single DIsc Clutch, Tooth Clutch
Stromag Couplings - Drum Coupling With Disc, Rubber Fabric Coupling (GE, I-GE, VECTOR), Tyre Coupling (Periflex N), High Torsional Coupling (Periflex VN), Medium Torsional Coupling (SSC), External Bearing Coupling (AFL-Periflex VN), Internal Bearing Coupling (IGE-FG, Perfiflex CS), Ring Coupling (TRI-R)
Stromag Geared Cam Limit Switches
Stromag Friction Disc - Sinter Discs, Steel Discs

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