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Portable Room Air Cleaner, Fume Extractor

Portable Room Air Cleaner, Fume Extractor Air Cleaner

Typical uses for this room air cleaner include hospital air cleaner, laboratory air
cleaner, office air cleaner, general room air cleaner, dust control, odor control and a
variety of applications involving chemical fumes, welding fumes and particulate.

Portable Room Air Cleaner can provide an effective and economical solution for many
commercial, medical, laboratory and industrial ambient air cleaning applications.

Tri layer filtration:

1) 1st layer: F5 medium efficiency filter for remove big particles/smoke/dust
2) 2nd layer: H13 class HEPA filter to remove small particles (>=0.01Mircron) and smoke.
3) 3rd layer: Activated carbon filter to adsorb strong smells and toxic gas.

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